Starting my PR career

I’ve just completed my first week at Briscoe French, as a PR account executive – crazy know.

After coming to Briscoe French for a work experience placement just two short months ago I am lucky enough to have found myself employed here.

My name is Charlotte Elmer and I am a Multimedia Journalism graduate from Southampton Solent University.


Work experience 

After I found that journalism wasn’t quite right for me I decided to look into Public Relations, because I have always loved writing – a key component in this field. I felt that the communication skills and knowledge of social media platforms I gained from my degree would benefit me in this area.

I really enjoyed my time at Briscoe French, I got a great sense of a working environment and worked alongside staff with their day to day tasks – I wasn’t just making cups of tea!

Not only did I enjoy the job role but I really liked the staff and location. I must have made it obvious I didn’t want to leave because a month later, after a position became available, I was invited to come in for an interview for a junior role in the agency.

PR team

Admittedly, sitting down at my new desk is a strange and slightly surreal feeling. Just a week ago I finished my Final Major Project, or dissertation as most people know it, and now I’m employed!

After three years of working towards this exact moment – gaining employment in my chosen field, I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone.

I took a few days to spend with family, friends and relaxing by myself but now I’m ready to venture into the world of work.

My role

After a morning meeting with all the staff I got a great overview of the clients we’re currently working with and where my role will fit within that.

I’ve already got a few tasks lined up so I can’t wait to get started on my journey here.

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