Taking my first steps in PR

After studying Multimedia Journalism for almost three years at Southampton Solent, a career as a journalist no longer seems like a perfect fit for me. This has led me to where I am now – sitting in the office of Briscoe French, looking back at my work experience this week.

With my graduation fast approaching I wanted to take every opportunityI can to learn about working in a realistic work environment. At the start of the week my aim was simply to explore what it really means to work in public relations.

Why PR?

After tonnes of research, the prospect of working in PR alongside businesses and helping them to grow and expand seemed like a much more rewarding career than working in journalism, so I thought, why not give it a try?

The ability to write, and write well, is fundamental to working in this field. Having a good knowledge of social media is also important because it’s a huge tool used in the expansion of companies. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

My background in journalism has given me a good starting point by providing me with both of these skills, so I didn’t feel completely out of the loop.

So, how has my week been?

Working alongside the staff here has been a great experience. The office has a really friendly vibe, which made it easy to ask for help or advice when I needed it.

When it comes to work experience, it can go one of two ways – you’ll either hate the whole experience and dread each morning, or fall in love with the workplace and wish it was your full time job. Luckily for me I can say my experience was the latter.

During the week I’ve been able to attend meetings with clients, work on PR proposals, create social media mockups, write blog posts, work on my social media skills, research clients and create media lists – I’ve had a very busy week.

My time here has given me a much clearer understanding of how a public relations firm operates and the specific roles of each employee. It has also confirmed my desire to pursue a career in this field – frankly I don’t want to leave!

This post was actually published on the Briscoe French blog page.

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