Back to teaching..

On Monday the new volunteer, Florian, joined my class, so I was no longer the sole teacher! I had got used to teaching in my own way so it was a little weird at first, but it was good to have extra help. Especially considering he speaks fluent French – which clearly I do not. We came to an agreement that I would plan Monday and Tuesday’s lessons (as I had already done it) and he would plan Wednesday and Thursday’s. 
While we were waiting for a taxi-bus to get to the school, a four by four stopped, the driver was a friend of Todi’s, and we all climbed in the back (the trailer bit). It was the craziest experience. The wild was blowing in my hair and I was perched on the side of the car – I could have easily fallen out. It was kind of exhilarating. We spent the whole journey in hysterics, it was just so bizarre. My only regret is not taking a selfie. But it just shows how relaxed the country is, and why I love being here so much. 

At EPP2 the lesson focused on using the correct tense, irregular and regular verbs. It was really fun to test the kids and see how much they remembered. They struggled a little but after going through it a couple of times they got it. And when I checked their answers it was generally about 80% correct.  

Afterwards I set a short writing task, where the kids had to write to a pen-pal about their weekend. At this point I tried to give them inspiration by talking about our weekend. I think it worked because they seemed less shy. I have started to notice that the class have become a lot more comfortable with me and are less afraid to ask questions. Which makes me happy. They even were happy to share their answers by writing on the board, something which they didn’t want to do during our first lesson. But knowing that makes me sad to think it’s my last week here.  

In the afternoon we had sports at EPP2 – which was a first for me. We got a taxi-bus to the school – this time it was a pretty normal journey. We played a little bit of basket ball, even I joined it. And it was actually really fun! After about 45 minutes me and Virgine had to sit out, it was way too exhausting. The kids definitely didn’t hold back, and if you didn’t already know, I’m not the sporty type. 

On Tuesday I was at EPP1 and I used a similar lesson plan, staring with looking at the correct tense. This took a lot longer than with EPP2, which I expected as they are younger. They struggled with remembering the irregular verbs, so we focused on trying to drill them into the kids. Letting them know we would go over them again the next lesson. So hopefully they will have remembered some! 

After that we did some vocabulary, looking at different types of foods: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Which was fun. I also had Florian to add the French equivalent – so I was hugely grateful for that. 

In the afternoon we had sports and games with EPP1. We mostly played bingo, A game that the kids absolutely adore, as the weather wasn’t great. Florian was translating for me, as I only know 1-20 in French. Not really very useful! 
Laura came past and the kids instantly jumped on her, as they have a tendency to do. It was really funny because she had been telling me before that she doesn’t really like kids. So I made sure to get a picture as evidence. 

After we finished I suggested we go to one of the souvenir shops that we passed on the bus ride to the school, where I bought a lovely tote bag. It was nice to get out for a bit. 

On Tuesday evening I felt a bit out of place. Usually I would do a bit of organising for the lesson the next day but Florian is doing that part so it’s really weird, but I’m looking forward to seeing what he has planned.  

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