Feeling unwell abroad…

Tuesday night we had a power cut. And it kind of scared the life out of me. Because even though it happened at 6:30 in the evening, it’s pitch black! Luckily I came prepared so I grabbed the torch on my bedside table and I was fine. When my light went out I mistook it for a dead bulb. But when my phone stopped charging I realised what had happened. Luckily the power came back on during dinner (8pm)! Apparently they usually last twenty four hours!

Wednesday morning I was back at EPP2, but this time with a clear set plan! I made the tasks harder, so I could really challenge the older kids. I did a handful of tests on using the correct vocabulary and grammar. Which they got really stuck into.

In the afternoon we had cake and drinks in the office, we were celebrating some official thing for projects abroad. And I even danced! Which is very unlike me, unless I’ve had a few drinks!

We then made some arrangements for the weekend. An early weekend, starting on Thursday.

Unfortunately, I was unwell on Wednesday night. But when it came to Thursday morning we had planned to see the lemurs and crocodiles at Vakona and there was no way on earth I was missing that! So I was up in the morning and ready to go, despite feeling a little fragile. I had decided not to have breakfast as I was worried I would be ill again. I just drank water.

The park was amazing and I was scared half to death when one jumped on my head as I was concentrating on photographing another!

It went very quickly and we were back by 12 as they were shutting the park during the eclipse. The projects abroad director, Toji was so shocked when we told him. It was hilarious.

After that I decided to go for a nap in the hope that it would make me feel better. However I then slept through lunch and was woken up by a knocking on my door. It was 3pm and it was the other volunteers. We were supposed to be planning our weekend away in Antananarivo. After my last slightly boring and rainy weekend I couldn’t wait to get out and see more of Madagascar.

So we headed to the office to make the arrangements for the hotel and the travel. Whilst I was about to call one of the hotels to book a room, the weirdest thing happened. I started feeling really hot and then really dizzy. And all I was thinking was I really need some air. And then next thing I know I’m on the ground with my feet resting on a chair and a pillow beneath my head. I had passed out, for the first time, might I add. And it really isn’t a fun experience. Firstly, it was in front of everyone! And I mean everyone, even a few people I hadn’t met before.

Toji was questioning be about how much I had eaten and when I admitted I hadn’t that day they took me to the dining room and fed me some plain rice. Not literally, obviously, I wasn’t that ill.

But it did make me feel homesick, there’s nothin worse than feeling poorly when you’re far away from home and not with your friends or family.

After that I went back to bed and sure enough I did start feeling better. I was so worried that I going to miss out on the weekend. I was determined that I wouldn’t miss it, no matter how ill I was.

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