Difficult lessons..

Today’s lesson was quite hard and I did struggle. On days like today I do start to feel a bit homesick. Me and Fidi went to the other school (EPP2), which is about ten minutes away. And all of the students were in one class, as I was the only volunteer that day (the two new members were having their induction day), so the age ranges from 9-23. Which was really daunting to teach students that are older than me. Especially when I have no teaching experience!

Before the lesson I was told we would split the group into two so I decided I would use the same lesson I did on Thursday to introduce myself again. However this task proved much to simple for the older members of the class.
When asking Fedi for help as to how I can make the lesson a bit harder for the older kids she didn’t really understand and eventually said it’s fine. So I felt a bit useless.
The kids also finished the work in half of the time allocated so I was stuck using my initiative. Which I kind of suck at.
I asked them to write 100-200 words on why they want to do their dream job. Some of the younger children struggled to write a lot but they seemed to have at least two sentences which made me happy. Some of the older kids wrote more than a page which was great! I went through and read everyone’s. This made me feel a bit better as I got a better connection with the kids. Especially considering this was the first time meeting this group.
I then called for a break. During this time I scrapped together a list of maths questions. Only about 50 sums of multiplication and division. So when they came back ten minutes later we did those for the last 45 minutes.

At first I felt a bit stressed during the lesson, as I had applied for a teaching assistant role and wasn’t expecting to be running the class and coming up with the lesson plan.

But everything in Madagascar is so laid back and there is no real cause for concern or urgency. This is something which I struggle with as I like to have a clear plan. I definitely will be making strict lesson plans from now on. As I hate the feeling of not knowing what to do and making it up on the spot.

One good part of me having so much responsibility is that I am getting a true understanding of teaching. And it’s definitely testing my abilities.

I will be at the same school tomorrow so I hope that the lesson will go smoothly. I just need to set out a good plan.

On a brighter note lunch was really good. We had noodles with vegetables. Yum.

Sports and games were cancelled because if the poor weather so I used these few hours to plans my lesson for Tuesday morning and the rest of the week. With the hope that it would go more smoothly than today.

Tuesday morning came and I was anxious for my lesson with the kids.

However I was at EPP1 which is the school close (not the same as EPP2 which was Monday’s lesson). So I only got trough half of my well planned lesson. So I can finish off the rest of my work on Thursdays lesson. Which is perfect.

I went into using the correct vocabulary and tense with a handful of excerises. As well as this we did our usual ‘word bank’ for the day. Which was different places. Which is to help widen the vocabulary of the kids.

I gained a huge amount of confidence from trialling out my plan. And I’m feeling more enthusiastic about tomorrow’s lesson. It’s a really rewarding feeling to see the kids understanding what you’re talking about and reading out perfectly. They’re so quick to pick up the language it’s amazing! I don’t remember ever being like that in school!

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