My London Experience

So I write this as I sit on the train journey back to Christchurch, reflecting on my time in London.

So a few weeks ago, to my excitement, I received an email letting me know my application for work experience at Blue Rubicon had been accepted! For those who don’t know Blue Rubicon is a PR agency situated in London.

So this week that is where I have been working, in a fancy and exciting PR firm.

For logical reasons I decided to go all out and get the full experience of living and working in the city. After all, that is the sort of experience that will be beneficial to take into consideration once I’ve graduated and am looking for jobs.

But unfortunately that also meant facing my fear of London. The people. The tube. The train. And most importantly the busyness.

However like the ‘responsible’ (I use that term loosely) adult that I now am, I put those concerns aside to stop me from never succeeding or doing anything with my life.

I found a nice cheap room to rent,, costing only £250, (Airbnb is a lifesaver!), so I thought why not!

During my week I was involved in a range of tasks from working in the crisis team, creating media lists, to going out shopping for client’s goody bags! I also got a great insight into working on the social media team. The staff were all so friendly, and continuously reassured me that, “no question is a stupid question”.

During the shopping task I found myself sanding in the middle of the underground, where I couldn’t help but feel very out of place. Everything seems so simple until you can’t figure out which line you’re supposed to be on and there is absolutely no staff to ask! Apparently there is no need for humans anymore – instead just 20 machines you can purchase your tickets from. Eventually after using my trusty Google Maps app I found my way to Liverpool Street and completed my task in time. 

Despite my initial fears, I’m so glad I had this experience. It has taught me that although I do prefer the smaller towns/cities, if I was given an opportunity in London or a big city I wouldn’t pass it up – because I know that I can manage the big city life!

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